Baobian Electric undertook the delivery of the first high-end converter transformer for Qingnan Converter Station

 Recently, the first high-end converter transformer of the UHV Qingnan Converter Station was assembled by the professional technical team of Tianwei Baobian (Qinhuangdao) Transformer Co., Ltd. in Xining Assembly and Test Base for half a year, and passed the entire set of factory tests before being officially shipped to special High pressure Qingnan converter station.


It is reported that the construction of the Qingyu UHV DC project is of great significance. It not only optimizes the energy strategic channel and backbone network construction, but also opens up a channel for Qinghai’s energy transformation and development, which strongly supports the development of Qinghai’s energy pillar industry and guarantees the rapid increase in power consumption in Henan Province Demand, promote energy green and low-carbon transformation, realize the complementary advantages of the two provinces, and promote the economic and social development of the two provinces.


The converter transformer of this transportation is the first of the high-end converter transformers of the UHV Qingnan Converter Station. The converter transformer is the core equipment of the DC transmission project. Together with the converter valve, it forms the “heart” of the converter station—the main function of the converter is to convert 750 kV AC power into ±800 kV DC power, realizing long-distance, large-scale, high-efficiency, and low-loss transmission of clean energy.


As the sending-end converter station of the Qingyu DC project, the UHV Qingnan converter station requires a total of 28 converter transformers, all of which will be provided by Baobian Electric, of which 6 ±800 kV high-end converter transformers will be overhauled in this test base complete assembly and factory test.


In view of the large weight, large volume and extremely difficult transportation problems of transformers, State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., in conjunction with Baobian Electric and professional transportation companies, conducted line surveys, scheme design, road and bridge reinforcement, obstacle clearance, and transportation procedures in advance. It developeda detaileda safe and reliable transportation plan. The transportation adopts special transportation vehicles and professional technical equipment, and is transported by bridge-type transportation vehicles. The total length of the vehicle is 98.5 meters, the width is 5.2, and the height is 5 meters. There are a total of 276 wheels. Because of the heavy weight and long body, it travels the speedslow, and the actual transportation distance of 220 kilometers to the station takes 3 days.