Electrical Copper Strip

Electrical Copper strip and Copper Foil



Strip: thickness: 0.10-2.0mm; width: 16-400mm
Foil: thickness: 0.025-0.10mm; width: 16-400mm
1.Cable belt: applied in field like communication cable, radio frequency cable belt, shielded cable belt, copper-covered aluminum belt.
2. Solar photovoltaic cooper strip: it feature high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, easy for tin electroplating, and has excellent integrated mechanical properties.
3. Copper for heat exchanger: efficient heat exchange, applied in domestic hot-water heater and ship heat exchanger.
4. Electronic band: used for manufacture of electrical and electronic components, miniature transformer of electric appliance, cellphone, display shielding, rechargeable batteries copper mesh, copper-covered aluminum, heat radiator of CPU and stainless steel welding.
5. Rolled copper foil: Feature and main application: it can be applied in heat radiator, Electromagnetic shielding material, flexible printed circuit board, flexible connection and lithium battery, it shows great capability in electro-plating, flexibility and welding, our company can put 400mm-width copper foil into mass production and is one of the several plants in China that produce rolled copper foil.
6. Other red copper belt

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