1 Why Choose us?
We have been more than 11 years experience of aluminum foil ,aluminum strip for transformer, We understand deeply what our client needs,strictly in accordance with international standards such as ASTM,EN_AB,JIS,GB for the production of various grades of aluminum products.
We make sure each piece of aluminum Roll No Burrs,No Scratches of Round Edge to fit for transformer winding.

2 How quote to you
you can contact us with alibaba ,telephone , email, whatsapp and so on,with code ,inner diameter,thickness ,width,weight.

3 What is the minimum quantity?
There is no minimum order quantity. Depending on the item and processing, there may be a minimum production required, however we can offer a quotation based only on the quantity you need.

4 what is your lead time?
Normally 10-30days,depends on your order

5 What makes the price of aluminum change?
Aluminum is traded like all metals and subject to market price fluctuations based on supply, demand, and many other factors.

6 what is your shipping port?
Shanghai,Tianjin,Qingdao,Guangzhou Etc,Any port in China.

7 How about the warranty Period?
12 months after delivery

8 Can you Offer special sheets or strips
Yes ,Inquire about your specific needs.

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