Luoyang Xinzhaohe Aluminum is a professional manufacturer devoting in aluminum and copper products ,Especially in Aluminum Strip Coil .With more than 15 years experience of servicing the clients all over the world,we have the the ability to meet the different requirements from the customers,meanwhile ,our speed of response to orders and sample requests ensures that we can meet the just in time requirements of today’s industry.

Our entire management process is controlled and assured to ISO 9001:2008 standards and our environmental and safety management systems comply with ISO 14001:2004 standards.

Luoyang Xinzhaohe Aluminum Co.,Ltd , A professional manufacturer devoting to Aluminum foil sheet 1050/1060/1070 3XXX 5XXX 8XXX producion ,

The partner you can trust!

Luoyang Xinzhaohe aluminum Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinzhaohe Aluminum) is a modernized globally leading integrated aluminum and copper company Limited, which established in 2005 ,devoted to provide high quality aluminum and copper products and service for electrical company all around world,

Xinzhaohe Aluminum sticks to the development road of “conduct the world economic and environmental”, with the world first-class technical level and service capability. The company attaches great emphasis to cultivating its innovation capacity, actively develops and applies the advanced technology for manufacturing, energy-conservation and environmental protection, and has established the marketing, processing and service network with nationwide coverage and worldwide involvement.

To be “provide the best conductor to the world ”

“Being the model of the high-quality development of the aluminum and copper industry”

Core Values
Integrity, Efficiency,Harmonious


Why Choose Aluminum for transformer?
Economic ,means less cost for better achievements Conductivity of Copper is better,but Aluminum’s is as double as copper at the same price.
Aluminum is more flexible that means it easier to wind and place in winding process. Aluminum is lighter,easy to place.In North America ,aluminum is the moost popular choice of winding material for low -voltage,dry-type transformers.

Why Choose us?
We have been more than 15 years experience of aluminum foil ,aluminum strip for transformer, We understand deeply what our client needs,strictly in accordance with international standards such as ASTM,EN_AB,JIS,GB for the production of various grades of aluminum products.
We make sure each piece of aluminum Roll No Burrs,No Scratches of Round Edge to fit for transformer winding.

Any size Order!

No Matter what your order size is ,large or trial , we all accepted, Our modern supply managment system can make sure raw material is really just in time.

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